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Details of life

The details determine the success or failure of this famous saying. I always think that it is quite right. I also hope that I can pay attention to details in my life.

From a person’s words, one can see the character of a person. From one’s wearing, one can see his preferences. From a person’s way of speaking, he can see his character. These are very small details. But he 3 reflects a person’s morality and preferences and character.

I have seen such a story. The same person who went to apply for a job has different practices in the face of the same problem. On the day of applying for the job, the company has a long queue and is applying for a job. I also came to two applicants. I saw so many people, one of them thought of queuing quietly in the same place, while the other person thought that the applicant should definitely need someone to write a pen, so I went to the store and bought some pens to sell. They, after earning some money themselves, went to noon immediately, but he was busy, because he saw everyone hungry, so he went to buy food to sell them. These practices were seen by the boss, and finally he was broken. Admitted, so some details can determine your success or failure.

I have learned a lot about this kind of story, and I hope that you will gain something, but some details between friends or relatives can make people warm.

Every time I didn’t do well, my mom and dad always hugged me, and touched my head with my hand, then kissed me and told me the next effort, failure is the mother of success, these little details are in me. It seems that there is a deep love between my parents, I am very grateful to my parents, I love you.

Please pay attention to the details in your life. It will allow you to harvest what you unexpectedly. When you are depressed, you will be happy and pleased with the details and experience.

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