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Bees are always working tirelessly, and ants begin to store food in the fall, and the birds take care of nature to eliminate pests every day. They never made excuses for themselves and discarded their own duties. I think this is very valuable.

We have many such great men in ancient China, and Qu Yuan is one of the typical examples. According to legend, Qu Yuan was born into a noble family. He is very ambitious and only wants to work for the motherland and make his motherland more prosperous and strong. Born to the nobility, he had an opportunity to approach the emperor. He seized the opportunity and actively went to the emperor to be good at understanding the public opinion and doing many good things for the people. However, “people do not have a thousand years of good, spend no hundred days of red”, I do not know who said Qu Yuan’s bad words in front of the emperor, so that the emperor no longer trust Qu Yuan, and no longer pay attention to Qu Yuan’s progress. Gradually, the country fell and was attacked by foreign enemies. Qu Yuan was exiled. However, this did not make him succumb to his ambition. He did not find an excuse for himself. Instead, he concentrated on “granting Li Sao” and left an invaluable asset for future generations. Later, due to the incompetence of the emperor, the country was destroyed and the enemy occupied the country. When Qu Yuan learned of this unfortunate news, he believed that he did not fulfill his responsibilities for the motherland, and he voted for Luo Jiang to commit suicide. In fact, this is not Qu Yuan’s fault. It is the emperor’s unwillingness to listen to his rumors and exile him unscrupulously. As a result, he has no ambition to pay for it, and he has no way to serve the country.

Qu Yuan can find an excuse for himself to survive, but he has a strong sense of national responsibility, so he still chooses to abandon the world and leave his name to the world. In order to commemorate Qu Yuan and express people’s respect for him, the people there will use the rice wrapped in bamboo leaves to feed the fish in the river. In order to prevent the aquatic creatures from damaging Qu Yuan’s body, activities such as dragon boat racing are held. This has become a custom for a long time.

In addition to Qu Yuan, I did not make excuses for myself. Han Yu, the head of the Tang and Song Dynasties, was originally an official in the court. However, he was framed and sent to Chaozhou, and his daughter died on the way. Instead of making excuses for himself, he lost his sorrow, but turned his loneliness into a driving force for the country. He began to educate in Chaozhou, cultivate water and benefit, and was embraced by the people. This is worthy of “being a heart for the world, for the sake of the people.” Therefore, the landscape of Chaozhou actually surnamed Han.

Life is impermanent, and things are unpredictable. It is inevitable that we will encounter unsatisfactory things. It is easy to find an excuse for our own faults. However, it is commendable not to make excuses for ourselves.

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