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Actor’s sky-high price remarks

[Picture 1: Actor’s Sky Price Reward Discussion essay]

“Sesame” price

The entertainment circle, a world-famous circle, has been sought after by people around the world and has reached an unprecedented height. Moreover, in China, their scenery is not only because of their name but also because of their interests. The star’s sky-high pay is even horrifying. Is such “sesame” worth it?

The entertainment circle that is touted by the film, like the lost lamb, is not in front of the village, but not in the store. It can be said that “there is no ancient person before, no one came after”! After the filming of “Legend of Lu Yu”, no matter how the audience reacted to the drama, but distorting history, affecting people’s true views on history, blindly pursuing TV dramas that meet the tastes of the audience, and spreading the positive energy of distortion. In order to increase the popularity of the so-called ratings, spend the sky price, please star shots, but tamper with history, distorting people’s values, to meet the fantasies of ordinary audience, such “sesame” should be used with caution.

Yan value becomes the entertainment circle of everything. “To Youth”, “Fantasy City”, etc. Where did a lot of money go? Instead of improving the quality of the film, I went to invite famous stars! I only emphasize who is participating in the show. It seems that only this single-wood bridge will have viewers willing to see it. Therefore, regardless of the quality of the film, they only want to be the best person to play, even if the price is not hesitating. Contrary to China, South Korea pays more attention to quality. The pay of actors is similar to that of ordinary white-collar workers, and China’s pay is one hundred times higher. Zhang Nara, who had been fired because of “The Princess of Sui Man”, was banned by China because she said that China made money. Now what China is doing is not to swindle, to deceive people, and to call others jokes. The entertainment circle is losing its original meaning, entertainment is no longer entertainment, but a new world with a beautiful face pieced together. People spend money not because of this drama, but because of these faces. Such a Chinese entertainment circle cannot go out of China, and it is impossible to move to the world. Why do you want to use this “sesame” that is useless? Its entertainment effect is negligible in history.

Is China in the early stages of social development worth investing a lot of money into the entertainment industry? Is Super Girl Li Yuchun eligible to enter the church in Peking University? What do the people in these entertainment circles have done so much to make people so esteemed? They are acting, what have they done after they get paid for the sky? Some just send the children abroad to develop, almost never return home! And the research scholars who have been in the past ten years, there is no light, no cheers, only a small house full of thick materials. People turned a blind eye to these pearls and only chased the “sesame” figure.

The entertainment industry needs to develop, it needs to be in line with the international market, and it needs to lead the fashion. However, they should also suffer from the high price, not only because they have not become “watermelon”, but also because they are not “pearls”!

[Picture 2: Actor’s Sky Price Reward Discussion essay]

Star price, when is the reward?

According to reports, at the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress, Commissioner Dong Zhongyuan used the CCTV report as the theme and put forward the social problem of “the star income has exploded, while the income of laborers from all walks of life is dwarfed” and pointed out “how to stop it.” This phenomenon of brain upside down continues to spread.

Nowadays, the society is developing rapidly, and the ranks of all walks of life tend to be equal. But why is this phenomenon of “stars moving at hundreds of millions” and “the Nobel Prize is not worth half a living room” has repeatedly occurred in life? This is really worth pondering!

Some social experts have analyzed: Why are some movie stars who are not culturally high enough to have hundreds of millions of assets?

Someone replied that there was a group of viewers with a low level of education. I don’t object to this point of view, but why can the star wallet be swelled up only by the so-called brain powder? Is there no other social factor? Moreover, there are also a large number of brain-depleted powders in foreign countries. Like the Chinese movie stars, there are very few stars worth hundreds of millions. Why is this?

Take our neighbor, South Korea, to explain it: In South Korea, if a star or a combination wants to spend a night, they have to break through two “defense lines” – the law and the producer. In South Korea, the law strictly limits the income of the stars, and no star wants to break through this line of defense. Coupled with the high quality requirements of the producers, the film and television compensation for the stars is hard to exceed 30% of the total production costs. It is not difficult to explain why the Korean film and television stars are always willing to cooperate in China after they become famous. Because Han Xing, who is performing in China, is always many times more expensive than in Korea, even hundreds of times.

Deng Xiaoping once had a famous saying: “Technology is the primary productive force.” Yes, without technology as a production guide, what is the country’s development? How powerful is it? But why today’s China, the income of the stars is surprisingly high, and the “Mother of Artemisinin” can not afford to buy even the living room. The rewards of scientists who have made tremendous contributions to the development of the country’s science and technology are far less than those of the stars who change their expressions in film and television. Isn’t this rewarding brain upside down worthy of our nationals’ deep thoughts? ! Let’s take a look at the United States, which is separated from us by the sea. In the American consciousness, technology is always a sacred and unshakeable productivity. No one can change this fact; in the total number of high-yielding families in the United States, The proportion of giants or scientists engaged in the technology development industry is also the largest. It is also the importance and care of the United States that has made this “young” country a superpower in the world today from the colonies of the United Kingdom. Isn’t it worthwhile for us to learn about the American spirit of paying attention to science? !

All in all, when the star price is paid, it is not a social problem that can be solved in two days. It is not a problem that can be solved quickly by one person alone. It takes time and requires the efforts of all members of society. On top of the government, a relevant law and regulation should be enacted to limit the unreasonable “high price” of the star; on the producer side, it should be more reasonable to formulate the division of production costs – after all, a good film It is quality, not the shadow of a star; and above the people, people should also know and recognize the dangers of “star price”, focus on learning, paying attention to science and scientists who inject life into science, rather than frantically Go to the stars.

I hope that one day, China’s sky-high price will end on the mainland of China and become history!

[Picture 3: Actor’s Sky Price Reward Discussion essay]

Keep the sky price in the cage

The explosion of the information age affects people’s lives like radiation. Prior to this, people sought after those literati, who were honored as masters, and their works were thus admired by people. In the modern era of Edison, these scientists are respected by their contributions to the cause of mankind.

What is the current youth worship? It is not a poet scientist like Li Bai, Mrs. Curie, but a group of actors called so-called artists.

The impact of this fanaticism is obvious, and he has influenced people’s values. Just talk about the recent TV series “Rugao Biography”, which has not yet started broadcasting, and the sky-high price will make it not fire first. Whether he is real or hype. What we can’t help is that those stars are almost worth tens of millions, and they are driving luxury cars. And what about scientists who have contributed to the cause of humanity? Let’s talk about the recent award-winning scientist Tu Yu, who can’t afford to buy a suite in Beijing.

Obviously, distorted values ​​make people’s efforts and incomes are not directly proportional.

In this era, people obviously do not have to worry about food and clothing again, but day after day work day and night to learn, so that people’s inner heart can not let go of the soul like a lack of mouth. The appearance of the star caught the gap with a piece of paper. The star has become a kind of spiritual sustenance. They have a glamorous appearance, live a life of radiance, and their presence will surely become the center of people. People expect their lives to be repeated in themselves.

In addition, in this era, the star is undoubtedly a kind of popular. If you don’t care about the entertainment industry, you will lose your talk in the crowd. Therefore, people have to understand the dynamics of the entertainment industry. The price of the movie is so famous that it attracts countless young people into the entertainment industry. threshold.

However, what are the consequences of this? The 200 million “Promise” was sensationalized by its powerful cast before the broadcast. After the film was broadcast, the money was earned, but it was criticized by netizens and ruined Shangri-La. Everyone understands that one or two stars will go out at a high price and take up most of the production costs. The rest of the money is inevitable, and they can only be thriving and sloppy. When most buyers only ask who plays, regardless of how they are shot, the actor is like a title on the Internet, and earning a click-through rate can make him fall back.

The reason why this model can be successful is because it is difficult to see high-quality films on the market. This problem, combined with blind pursuit of stars, has created a young people’s “face value” era. For actors, acting doesn’t make any sense; for the audience, watching a movie is boring.

Before the establishment of democracy, the United States clearly stated that “it is necessary to put rights in the cage”, and our values ​​give the stars the right, which is “high price” and is sought after. If you want to put the “high price” into the cage, you have to build a ceiling to it. The most important thing is to let the public know where the value of the right should be placed. To come up with works that match their value, and then slowly change the values ​​of the younger generation.

[Picture 4: Actor’s Sky Price Reward Discussion essay]

Entertainment deepening

The entertainment methods in the form of movies, TV dramas, advertisements, etc., with the popularization of media tools such as TV, mobile phones and computers, have become the cultural communication that is most closely related to our lives. The Chinese film industry is booming and has good development prospects. However, the development of other entertainment industries is not satisfactory. The arrival of the Korean Wave has made its situation even worse. A large number of Korean small fresh meat kimchi dramas poured into the Chinese market, and they want to share a piece of cake. They also earned a lot of money. When they are ready to continue to earn Chinese “stupid money,” the Sade incident broke out. It seems as if a stone was placed on their way forward. However, the charm of the Korean Wave still attracts many Chinese people who are deeply immersed in it. Some people will ask: “There are so many Chinese stars, why do you want to like Korean stars?” The answer is worth pondering, as if it is obvious.

After the 18th President Park Geun-hye of South Korea came to power, he established a strategy of establishing a country for culture, promoted friendly cultural exchanges with China, and also locked the market mainly in China. Instant entertainment companies have come to the fore, and they have been out of control. The competition among entertainment companies has enabled the Korean culture to grow and, together with other factors, has made the foundation of the Korean culture unstoppable. Driven by national policies, the Korean culture has spread rapidly to all corners of the world and has received good response. Aside from the appearance, the reality is that although the Korean culture has developed in abundance, the wages of Korean stars are generally not high, and even some are similar to ordinary white-collar workers in China. Looking back at Chinese stars, there is a high reward. Doesn’t this mean that the industry should be more energetic? But why do we not seem to see this kind of “take for granted” vitality?

I think there are three reasons. The first is the degree of protection of intellectual property rights. In the Korean entertainment industry, the income is high. It is usually the producer. The source of their income is mostly the copyright fee. The situation of Chinese producers is somewhat different. The income of the red producer is very impressive. If it is not red, it basically has little income. This has led many producers who are unpopular, to continually vote for the audience, to give up what they have been insisting on, so that the works become more and more common, and the content is empty and cliché. The second is the relationship between the cultural needs of the audience and the development of entertainment. The demands of the audience are getting higher and higher. However, the backwardness of entertainment culture caused by the gradual exhaustion of creation in China is becoming more and more serious. The works are far from meeting the needs of the audience. At this time, the emergence of Korean entertainment products naturally caught the hearts of the audience. The third is the historical and cultural background. South Korea is not too long in history compared with China. It is urgent to promote cultural innovation and enrich the national culture. China has a long history, which has left a large part of people’s minds in a state of stagnation, only staying in ancient culture and lacking innovation. The strong cultural roots of China have not been accurately utilized, but have had some adverse effects.

Of course, China is also actively trying to improve this situation. In the “Movie Industry Promotion Law”, which was implemented on March 1, 2017, the review of the film is not required to be specifically reviewed by the Beijing Radio, Film and Television Administration, and can be directly reviewed by local radio and television or film review agencies. It is undeniable to promote the promotion of the law, but at the same time, people will worry, will the quality of the film decline? Will the phenomenon of excessive pursuit of star effect become more and more serious? Does this promotion law really promote the vigorous development of the film industry, or will it have a certain opposite effect?

We have to admit that we have a big gap with the entertainment industry of other outstanding countries in the entertainment culture industry. In the face of this situation, we can’t wait and see. We must actively mobilize creativity and create vitality. We also need the support of the state. The country needs to introduce stricter control policies and policies to make China’s entertainment culture industry more than just Floating on the surface, but deepening development.

[Picture 5: Actor’s Sky Price Reward Discussion essay]

Star pay bubble

Recently, the TV series “If Rumors” broke the news, this unreleased TV series has set a new record for Chinese stars. Huo Jianhua took the film with 72 million pieces of compensation, and Zhou Xun made a new high with a price of 95 million. Star pay has affected the healthy development of the film industry and caused many negative effects in the society. Therefore, we should reject the sky-high pay.

The star’s sky-high price has made the classics no longer exist. Because of the crushing of the sky-high price, the crew had to go into the studio instead of the field shooting to save money, and the post-production made a lot of special effects. In addition, some stars with their superior appearance can use the turbid acting to show off the arrogance, resulting in the emergence of low-quality film and television works. Let alone talk about the value of art. There are only low-quality films that are all overwhelming and have no creative ideas. So I think we should put an end to the skyrocketing price and the proliferation of inferior movies.

I think that the star price is not only determined by the social atmosphere, but also by the quality of the people.

The deviation of the values ​​of the people has led to a sky-high price and distorted the market. We should control it by setting values. In sharp contrast to the star pay is the income of scientists. In 2015, the People’s Daily published the magazine “How much does a scientist earn?” introduced a doctor’s monthly income of only 6,000 yuan in a research institute in Beijing. Why are a group of uncultured stars earning a lot of money? Science is a very professional and hard industry. It takes a person to go through long-term professional training to understand the mystery. This determines that it is difficult for ordinary people to really understand it, which leads to a sense of distance between him and ordinary people. The public needs some relaxing things to adjust their emotions under the heavy work pressure and life pressure. The essence of entertainment is to please others and make people feel happy. Therefore, people pay more attention to entertainment and consumption for entertainment. From this we can see that the Chinese do not respect and pay attention to science.

Scientific development has not settled into a nation, and it has not run through the body with blood. So, for

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