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Chinese textbook class

Today in the language class, a very interesting thing happened in the class.

The class bell started and started class. The first section is a language class, where the students sit up and wait for the teacher to enter the classroom. Our Sun teacher walked into the classroom with a pleasant step, and rightly wrote two words on the blackboard: . Teacher Sun walked down the stage and asked if any of the students had checked the two words. These two words appeared in the text we just read yesterday. The teacher asked to read the text three times. The two words are used to test whether we have read it carefully. I raised my hand and secretly rejoiced that I was richer yesterday. I covered the text and asked about the pronunciation of my mother. Teacher Sun’s face sank and asked the classmates who raised their hands to stand up. I turned my head and saw that there were not many people. In one count, there were seven. The teacher screamed about what was going on, and no classmates responded. Teacher Sun’s face was heavy and heavy, and the black picture was dark, but nothing was said. The classmates all know that “this is just the calm before the storm”, one by one, holding their hearts and waiting for the teacher to speak. Sure enough, the teacher started the “Ideological Education” for us. I never said that I should do everything seriously. Finally, I must pay attention to safety in the Mid-Autumn Festival. The teacher rang and the teacher stopped the conversation. Standing up, shaking his head, picking up the lesson plans and getting out of the classroom. The classmates look at each other, you look at me, I look at you, stand up and stand up, stretch out, start the class revelry…

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