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Class diary

Wednesday, September 21, 2019

Weather eye

I arrived at the school early this morning with my mother’s ride. As soon as I sat down, Zheng Yu ran to me with great interest and smiled and said: “When we rehearsed the English drama yesterday, I found a new way of Yang Lao’s anger.” I saw him squatting back and forth and making himself Hanging in the air, then relaxing his hands, letting his hands sway, and finally screaming his head with a wave of drums, and shouting in desperate tone: “You don’t want to quarrel! Hurry up Ok!” It was like a desperate orangutan.

Yang Lao in his mouth is naturally our lovely English teacher Yang! A female teacher who loves us and can’t wait to pinch us. She likes to say two words. One is to yell in the classroom: “Don’t talk!” The other is to say to us in class: “Learning is your own business. You should come to me, not I came to you!” Every day at noon and between classes, I continued to run to the classroom. I also shouted at us: “Come correct! Come back to the text! Come and listen! Come on, don’t deduct the points.” “Aunt like a big salesman in the market, like a salesman of an insurance company, really persevering!”

Today, she started a “century war” with Pan Xinhao, one of the best English classmates in our class that she wants to pinch!

In the fourth lesson, Teacher Yang asked us to practice. Suddenly, a roar broke the silence of the whole class: “Pan Xinhao!” I saw Yang Lao rushing over and asked Pan Xinhao: “Is English finished? Here Read the novel.” Pan Xinhao explained innocently: “I finished it, Yang Lao,” Yang Lao took Pan Xinhao’s workbook and checked it a little bit. A group of people are still squatting: “After a mistake, I will deduct him!” “Yang Yang did not find any mistakes, so he changed his strategy and took Pan Xinhao’s novel and went out. Pan Xinhao still succumbed to death: “Don’t be Yang Lao! As the person behind him, I naturally pressed him to the chair. Yang Lao walked out of the classroom and threw a book on the outside table. He rushed in and said to Pan Xinhao: “You have finished writing.” Can’t read novels! Look at something meaningful! “This matter will come to an end.

But in a few moments, Yang Lao was a roar in the distance: “Pan Xinhao!” I saw that the situation was wrong. The backhand held Pan Xinhao, Yang Laochong came to him. He said with a calm face: “Yang Lao, I have not Look!” Teacher Yang pulled out one book after another in his drawer. He said, “These are all supplementary books!” Teacher Yang saw that the situation was wrong, and the book was stuffed back into the drawer, Yang Lao’s eyes. He picked up his bag and grabbed his bag with his backhand. He walked out and put the bag on the outside table. “Don’t look at these meaningless books, brush more questions!” After the second battle, Pan Xinhao finally stopped, and Yang Lao “wins”!

After class, Yang Lao confiscated Pan Xinhao’s books on the table, and warned him not to read these meaningless books again! Pan Xinhao can only be recognized. After school, Pan Xinhao and Yang Lao had a slap in the face, and finally fell to the bottom, and was educated by Yang Lao. But will he really repent? We have no way of knowing.

From this incident, I also have a lot of questions. Pan Xinhao is so disobedient, but why is his English so good? Is he really smart or is he secretly trying to paddle underwater? Did Teacher Yang really give up Pan Xinhao? I believe everyone has a clear answer in mind.

All in all, Yang Lao is always the “goddess” in our hearts, always the one who loves us deeply. And countless teachers like Yang Lao and countless lively and lovely students have formed our five-class family. A lively, optimistic, positive and fun-filled family! May we make progress together! Grow together!

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