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My age girl

I used to write a diary very hard, and now I want to write some. Not because of laziness, but because of the reality. Look at the diary that I wrote before, all of which are written to be a star, to be an astronaut, to be a writer. The bigger the more you understand some of the world, the more you lose the courage of the children.

I don’t know when, my lacrimal gland becomes very sensitive. There will always be a tear because of a word, or a movie. My mother said that my age girl is very emotional. When she was young, she also liked to write articles. She was called to work by her grandmother when she was in the college entrance examination. I can always see her childhood in her mother’s mouth, seeing my shadow from her childhood. I always doubt myself. I always feel that I am not good enough. I feel that I will disappoint my parents.

I remember that there was a parent meeting in Gao Yi. Before the meeting, the teacher asked us to send a letter to the parents. At that time, when I was in high school, my grades were not known, and I fell very badly. I wrote in my letter to my mother: I am not good enough, I hope you don’t dislike me. When I wrote this sentence, my heart was also very uncomfortable. My grades were not excellent. I was not a top class in my class. Mom and Dad hoped that I could get to Xiamen University (this is a key university). Our school was originally a school. Not very good, so getting into Xiamen University is a very difficult thing, I dare not think about it. So I always feel that I have let my parents down.

I am a girl who is very easy to think about. I always think about something and I will be afraid of something.

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