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Author: Zhang Junhao

Tuesday, May 24, 201X, sunny

The test results came out, I was very guilty, very embarrassed, I don’t know how to see my family, I don’t know how to explain to them, because I only took 77 points.

I didn’t think I would test 77 points. My expectation is to test more than 80 points. Because I have two questions, one is deducting 6 points, one is deducting 5 points, and one does not know how it is wrong. Others. It’s all because of carelessness. I am very guilty, because I have deducted 12 points because of carelessness. I don’t know how to go to the parents when I go home. I don’t know what the parents’ reaction will be on the day of going home, but what I should do now is to study hard and fight for it. The next time you take the test, the end of the period is the key. I want to raise my eyebrows at the end of the period, so that the teacher’s views on me can be completely changed, so that the parents are also very light and will not lift their heads.

Here, I would like to say to my teacher and parents: “I am sorry, this time I am careless, I will definitely test at the end of the period!”

I want to study from now on, and at the end of the period, I have to study hard, take a good grade, and be ashamed.


Author: Wang Zhihui

Tuesday, May 24th, sunny

Today, today is another intense day.

Today, our mathematics results came out. I took 78 points. I counted about 20-30. I didn’t test this time. My opponent Hao Yang, I didn’t exceed him, so it’s so bad. I am just like him with cold powder. Every time I am a little bit worse with him, why can’t I surpass him? Just give him the same test? Many times it is not so much different from him.

In the next exam, I must work hard to finish the homework assigned by the teacher, so that I can pre-read the knowledge or review it. This will lay a foundation for the high scores, followed by the lectures and positive cooperation. The teacher, taking the initiative to speak in class, must exceed him next time, even if it is equal.

A tense day has passed.

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