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Class diary

This afternoon, our family visited the memorial hall of the birth of the Chinese People’s Navy in White Horse, Taizhou.

As soon as I entered the door, a huge plane came into view. It was China’s first medium-sized bomber, H-5. Boom 5 is copied from the former Soviet medium-sized bomber. Figure 16, with a voyage of thousands of kilometers and a bomb load of 3 tons, has made a great contribution to defending China’s territory. As I approached it, I saw that the nose of this bomb was mostly made of glass and used to observe the ground. Although the belly of the belly has been welded, but it is still faintly visible; there is a pair of in-line guns at the tail, reaching out and the rifling in the barrel has not been smoothed by time. Its fuselage can’t resist the passage of time, it has already been rusty. Presumably, it is also missing the glory days of the soaring sky.

In one corner, I saw China’s first supersonic fighter 歼6.歼6 first flew in 1958, participated in many wars, is a real veteran. A number of fish, missiles and mines on the side have also defended the seas of the motherland.

As for the other side of the gun, they have also served on various types of ships for many years.

We can have a happy life today, not only because of these powerful weapons, but also because there are countless obscurant PLA soldiers who guard the security of the country. As circulated on the Internet: “Where is there any time, it’s just that someone is carrying weight for you.”

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