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Holiday diary

Thursday, April 27th

The sunny sun shines on the high mountains along the towering road, and the rolling hills gently flow into the clouds. The previous wood was very clear. The air is so fresh, it is that those of us who live in the Xingtai area feel uncomfortable.

We happily got out of the car and saw our destination “Yushan Shaolin Temple”. We bought tickets all the way and entered the scenic spot. The first best impression is that the environment is good. After going to the cable car, on the cableway to Lushan, I saw all the mountains and trees with flowers and trees as their clothes, white flowers, tall and hard pine trees… We also smelled the strong scent of flowers.

We got off the cable car and walked down the trail to the foot of the tall Lushan Mountain. We were walking down the mountain road along the mountain. This is a total of three mountains, the last one is the highest, the steepest mountain, after the suspension bridge of the third mountain, it is to the Three Emperors. It is our destination. We were amazed when we walked through the first mountain. The mountain seemed to be tens of thousands of pillars descending from the sky. It was slightly obliquely inserted into the ground, and the scene was spectacular. Climbing to the second mountain, it is very dangerous, and some roads are uneven, and the left and right are uneven. When I walked the mountain road, I came out with a cold sweat. Finally I arrived at the third mountain. Only my mother and my sister came to an end. I saw the second mountain here. It was almost made up of many strange shapes and stones. It’s no wonder so dangerous!

The cable car crew is getting off work, we rush back. On the way back to the hotel, I still remember the Lushan.

Friday, April 29th

At the dark dawn, the east shimmered a little white light. And we went on the road again. After an hour of travel, we came to the second destination: “The ancient capital of the capital” Luoyang. I entered Luoyang. We were hungry along the way, got out of the car and looked for a snack bar. We asked for a few bowls of Henan specialties: Hu spicy soup, we drank it and drank very fragrant. After drinking, I packed up a little baggage and arrived at today’s destination: “Longmen Grottoes”. We got off the bus and took a sightseeing battery car and went straight to the sights.

As soon as I stepped into the scenic spot, I saw a huge bridge. This is the legendary Longmen Bridge. The bridge is very wide and directly crosses the Luohe River. There are many small bridge holes in the middle three bridges. There was a door in front of the bridge. There was a change on the door. The word “Longmen Grotto” was written in a bold font. There are three words next to it: Guo Moruo, this is the word written by Guo Benuo. Then I saw the three holes in Binyang, which were divided into three holes: middle, south and north. Both Nandong and Beidong were not finished, but the Buddha in the Middle East was particularly large. I thought it was the biggest. There are two places in this attraction that shock me. The hole is one: Fengxian Cave, where the Buddha can be very large, and the light head is 4 meters high! When I take pictures, when I look at me, I can’t see the Buddha. If I look at the Buddha, I can’t see me. Another hole in my flower is called Wanfo Cave. Going there, I found that there are many small lattices on the walls of the cave. Looking closely, there is a Buddha in each grid. There are thousands of lattices in this hole. It is really a Buddha’s hole.

A blink of an eye is another night. One of the four famous caves: the Longmen Grottoes, once again inscribed on my heart.

Saturday, April 30th

Open your eyes and start to get up and wash. I am full of curiosity about today’s itinerary. I asked my father to know that we have to go to many places today: Mingtang, China National Garden, Baima Temple. I was particularly excited.

After eating breakfast, I bought the ticket early and entered Mingtang. The first impression of this place of Wu Zetian’s dictatorship was that there was money! His throne is pure gold, the railings are gold-plated, the doorknobs are gold…wherever they go, they are all gold, but there is no other impression. I left there and went to the paradise next to it. There were nine floors, and we made the elevator to the nine-story sanctuary. On the wall there is a picture of a blissful world with a golden statue of a Buddha. Standing outside, you can see the Luoyang City in the Tang Dynasty. Out of Mingtang, we came to the National Garden and we went to the Butterfly Valley. With a rich floral peony flower and colorful butterflies, it is beautiful. We went to the White Horse Temple again because it was too tired. Only my father and I went down to visit other people to rest in the car. Where did my father and I visit the temple, the Tibetan Buddhist Scriptures, the Di Renjie tomb, and the national-style temples that foreigners donated to them, including: Thailand, Myanmar, and India, where the Buddha statues of the temples are used. It is carved from real gold and beautiful jade, and even the faucet has a small jade Buddha. I thought: “There is money and willfulness!”

Out of the White Horse Temple, we went to eat an authentic Henan noodles, which is a fragrant! After eating, I got on the high speed and returned to my home with joy.

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