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Thursday, April 7th

Today, we took a physical education class, and the teacher wanted to select the “fun sports games” players in this class. I don’t think I have any hope.

We ran a circle according to the usual practice. The teacher wanted to select the person who jumped high. I thought: When I was in the fourth grade, I couldn’t jump, and I would simply abstain directly! At this time, the teacher said a word: “The fat man came out, ran two laps, and people who felt that they couldn’t jump, went for two laps.” At this time, only a few classmates ran up, and I didn’t show weakness, like a whirlwind. It seems to have finished two laps. “Teacher’s class jumps high, I can’t, choose other projects, I should not do it.” I think. Suddenly, the teacher began to pick people, my heart is full of question marks: What to do at this time? The teacher selected a total of five people, Hao Bingyu, Zhang Mingyang, Wang Zhihui, and Hao Yang. The teacher brought two bamboo poles tied with rope. At this time, I suddenly remembered that we were promoted to the fifth grade, and there was another project. The composition was “five people and two feet”. Could it be that the teacher asked us to participate? We tied the rope and started practicing. At first I didn’t coordinate, not the footsteps were right or left. However, the teacher asked us to put the hand on the shoulder of the person in front and shouted “one two one”, and I gradually coordinated. Our first contest with girls started, and my heart was very nervous. “Does the teacher change me?” This thought has been echoing in my mind. “No, I can’t be replaced!” We shouted “One Two One, One Two One”, although the speed was not fast, but we won. Under the guidance of the teacher, with the help of Wang Shizhe, Zuo Wanxin, Sun Jiacheng and Zhao Jiashuo, we started the exercise. Our speed is getting faster and faster. In the second contest with the girls, we strode forward and marched ahead of the girls.

Since I was chosen, I must practice hard and strive to win glory for the class at the fun games.

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