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tired? Write it!

Finally, I admit that I am old and tired of reading.

Countless hard nights, sitting on the candle, facing a book, powerless. Knowing that there is still a lot of theory in a certain literary genre, I know that it is impossible to understand the essence of post-colonialism without reading a few novels. However, how many days and nights Couche and Guevara slept in my computer. Whenever I opened the “Master of Petersburg”, it was already a dark night, and some of my heart was not good.

I have to admit that I am old.

There is a copy of “Mozart and Nazi” lying in Kindle, which has not been read as scheduled; however, the road must be completed and will be finished sooner or later.

Today, I updated several masterpieces of Shanghai Translation Publishing House in kindle unlimited. As a person who studies literary criticism, if you don’t read the original work, you really have no ambition to write an article.

Fortunately, the snails read the reading wall. I just know that I am still very shallow. The children of the Chinese department are still moving, and there are many people who read “A Dream of Red Mansions” seven or eight times. I have read only the first eighty times, once again. Sweaty. There is probably no right to comment on classical literature.

Where are you going every day? The editor-in-chief of the startup company is not going to do it, and he earns a modest draft fee at home. Difficult, difficult, difficult.

The real reading time is very small, and the pen is gradually put on hold. More is to mechanize the keyboard. The personal style has not been greatly expanded, and the theme has not been further deepened.

The teacher said that if you embark on the path of the preacher, you are basically going downhill. I now occasionally give a message to the middle school website and talk about how to write a text. But this is not the final result. Well, no. The philosophical dream is still there. However, it is a bit tired now.

tired. So, sip an old tea and read it. Keep up with the projects that started in the “writing project” in the notes. Well, it’s not difficult.

I really want to go to the literary salon, and then go to the Maoyuan to do an audition. This time, it is not necessary to speak, only to listen and observe. This time, it is not a return to home, it is a reminiscence, and it is a study with more specific goals.

I haven’t been to the tea shop for a long time. The Xipu campus is already rusty. Go back and have a look.

Every time I chat with the children of the Chinese department, the harvest is full. Well, one day I will study and study Coetzee and Hesse. It is rare to meet a small partner who likes post-colonization in the Chinese department.

I don’t know what kind of romance will happen in the future. Perhaps it’s not known that a group of rock-and-roll teenagers who like the “Beat Generation”.

After writing this text, what is certain is that I am not tired. Writing itself is a process of relaxation. Writing therapy is also used to treat anxiety and depression.

The old man is screaming, and he is aiming for a thousand miles. Like a general in Marquez’s novel where no one wrote to him, he stood alone and did not ask for a long road.

The night came, replaced with the delicate thoughts of the night, wandering in the nobleness of Pride and Prejudice and the charge of Don Quixote.

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