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Author: Sun Ya Shuo

Sunday, November 20, 201X, sunny day

Today is Sunday, it should be a new day, and I am looking forward to the new day. However, today is the day when Sun Wukong wears a tight spell and is diligent since then.

Early, my mother woke up and woke me up. After all, I still had three homework not finished. I had a meal in the grass and I struggled until I had lunch. I struggled: “November 20, 2016, 11 am :31” is good! Huh, finally finished!

When I arrived at the school, I had to improve my problem–checking my homework. After all, my morning efforts were for this short time! call! The assignment was handed over to the team leader. Although the time was short, I felt that it was as long as centuries, because it took me a few moments to decide my fate!

Time passed by little by little, and finally my homework was checked. I couldn’t wait to ask the team leader: “Are you finished your homework?” “Well!” A short word makes me feel like an angel’s voice. ! Because she is sure! I am sure I have finished my homework! I don’t have to deduct points as before in Hong Kong, and I don’t have to approve it as before!

After the homework is over, I have finished my homework!


Author: Zhang Yang

Sunday, November 20, 201X

Today is a day to return to school. I am very happy and can meet with my classmates. There is another reason. I have finished my homework and can give my teacher a good explanation.

Now I can complete my homework because of my mother’s efforts. Once, my mother went out to wash the car. Only I was alone at home to write homework. Of course, I didn’t want to write, and I was tired of writing homework! So I wanted to take a break while my mother was away. I quickly ran downstairs to find the little friends to play with them. I watched the mother who was washing the car while I was playing. I was always afraid of being discovered by my mother. I was having a good time. At this time, I don’t know when my mother came in, facing I was furious and shouted at me; “Come back and write homework.” My composition was reluctant to go upstairs. My mother followed me up, sat in a chair, watched me write homework, and I had no choice but to start. Write, write for a while, I want to rest, my mother gave me a goal, you can play after you finish writing math, otherwise you don’t want to leave the house.

After writing for a long time, I finally finished writing. After my mother’s inspection, I rushed downstairs like a bird flying to the sky. My mother said to me again: “After 20 minutes, I will come back and continue writing, finish writing. It’s okay, it’s better to finish it!” I said; “I know.”

Finally, I finished my homework. I want to thank my mother and my teacher because it is the mother and the teacher that made me excellent.


Author: Fan Dry

Sunday, November 20, 201X

Today is the day of returning to school. Although I am about to leave my loved ones soon, I feel a little sad in my heart, but when I think of the teachers and classmates on campus, I feel happy immediately. There is another thing that makes me happy, that is, my brother is coming, he can still play with me for a while.

Today, we have to play with my newly bought gouache. In fact, when the gouache cake meets water, it can melt and become a real gouache. We put the two brushes on each side, and then each of us put out a large sketch paper, placed the gouache in the middle, and looked like a painter, and began to paint.

The two of us put the sketch paper in the middle, like the little painter, pick up the pen and start painting each. I first drew a sun and a meadow. The sun’s rays caused the grass on the grass to grow. The three cows graze freely on the grass, and there is a big windmill next to it. The younger brother is very different from me. He first painted a few black clouds. The sky is both thundering and heavy rain. It is a storm. Below is a sea, the waves rolling, the sea breeze whistling, there is a small boat at the sea, it seems that it will fall soon…

After a while, both of us have finished painting and have been praised by our family and are still hanging on the wall! It’s really fun to paint with my brother today.

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