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Wednesday, September 27, 201X

“Today is another good day!” I said excitedly. Science class, I understand the cloud, cumulus, stratus, cirrus, my favorite cirrus, it looks like a roll, I feel it is very light, like cotton, when I know that the cirrus is Very tiny, crystal ice crystals, I want to touch it. If I can take it home, I am afraid that it will be contained in my mouth. I am afraid of falling in my hand. When I think of it, I will wake up like a dream. Wake up, this is just a dream, a dream that can never be realized. Li Jiaxuan told him and a Brazilian tortoise. This wants me to cry, but also to laugh and cry because you are moved and laughed because it is a bit funny.

In the afternoon, Teacher Deng and the essays played with the werewolf to kill, Teacher Deng, playing the werewolf to find me! My mobile version of Werewolf has been level 17 and is considered a veteran.

In the art class, the teacher asked us about our ideals. However, I changed the dream of the astronauts and replaced them with ballet dancers. Liu Weihan advised me: “That is very painful, very tired, can you?” I told her: “If a dream comes true, you have to pay the price. If it hurts, you can hold it back. If it is tired, stick to it!” Ok, I wish you a dream come true,” she said.

Ballet dancers are my goal! Come on! When I think of ballet, the protagonist of “The Great Felicity” has become a ballet dancer. She has gone through many hardships and realized her dreams. I want to learn like her, learn her spirit, come on!

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