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As long as you love life, everything is expected

I am grateful to some people and things I have encountered in my life. Maybe it is not satisfactory, but I am so good at it.

Curiosity kills a cat really, because there is always something that you don’t understand but want to understand, so you want to know the answer anyway. But obsessed with revealing the mystery, you must be prepared, because not everything is as you imagined, it may be biased like this, even those things that you have decided, those who have had expectations, will follow the answer Unveiled and unrecognizable.

The trajectory of the development of things is hard to predict, not the answer you want, but you are willing to gamble and lose. But there is nothing that can’t be relieved. If things go against it, God must have another arrangement. People’s potential is infinite. Those things that you thought you couldn’t bear anyway. After you really fell down, you will find that it is no big deal. You can be so calm. Thanks to those who have made me die to live, and I have made myself better.

People are going to change. This is the inevitable growth. I am a person who is too rude and rude to die. It’s still dull. It may be something that others can see at a glance. I have to personally experience it before I understand it. Always grow at the expense of being hurt.

For a long time, for most people and things, I have a natural attitude. It is rare for me to think about it. First, I want to pay attention to small things, and secondly, people who are not familiar with me can’t afford it. When I am interested, I don’t have any intersections. I have always been an optimistic person, but occasionally there will be pessimistic times. Sometimes even extreme thinking, no one can accompany you to the end, these three years is only a necessary stage in life, in our later life, may be just the waves in the sea, look down on waves. The current circle is still too small, the world outside is so big, we will one day jump in the circle that appears in the world to see the world outside. Just as the movie will eventually break out, there will not be too many people in the future. Some people may say goodbye and never see again. Isn’t it supposed to give too much sincerity?

When I calm down, I feel that we will meet many people and will leave some people under the tempering of time. Some people don’t want to get close at first, but some people have been close to it and found it inappropriate. Some people just made up your mind to like it but have to say goodbye. It’s almost the same when you get along with people, but time will leave important people behind. Those who truly understand you but still choose to approach, those who sincerely treat you and are willing to understand you are commendable, and are even more worth cherishing.

There will always be rumors along the way, just look at the value is not worth to bear, if not necessary, do not go to the heart, not afraid of rumors, rumors can not bring about any substantial harm, not to mention rumors stop at the wise, people live, This is to show people. There is no absolute right or wrong in this world of things. As long as your heart is kind, what you really want to do is not right or wrong.

When people live forever, there must always be some experiences. Good and bad are the scenery. I have to work hard every day and smile hard to pay. The world is so big, people are like, and people must be allowed to miss you in order to catch the best encounter. The road to come, no need to look back, the best scenery is on the road. As long as you love life, everything is expected.

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