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The peach blossom that opened that month was beautiful but it was beautiful. I want to look west and look at the red loess there when the yellow sand is in the sky.

In the desert yellow sand, whether there is an old tree faint crow, or a ghost. I want to find an inn in the desert of the hustle and bustle, creeping up the roof and watching the moon. See if the month in the desert is more round than the hometown. In this forgotten city, there may be a group of wolves who are united but lonely and walk around in this desert.

In this city with wolves, it seems that it is worthy of a cup of wolf wine.

That year’s rain was like a note, but it was beautiful, but bamboo blossoms were solid. I think that when the morning light is dim, there is a secluded path, and I can find a Taoyuan.

In Taoyuan, the traffic is strange, and the dogs and dogs are heard. At the bridgehead, a group of children are surrounded by a long-bearded old man and listen to him telling stories. And I, slowly groaning, looking for someone to live and borrow a night. The next day, I sneaked away from that trail and wrote it down deeply.

I essay  I want to match this secluded winding path with a cup of bamboo leaf green, and for the people of Taoyuan with a glass of bloody wine, mellow and warm.

That year, the eyebrows are still the same, but the beauty is not the dream of red makeup. I want to keep the most beautiful moments in my dreams, even if I am under the blue waves, I can find them.

In the dream, facing the wind and sand of the curtain field, walking alone in the desert, I want to find the Taoyuan in my heart. But everything is like a flower in the water, nowhere to be found. I remember that I was also a sinful look, so I was chic and unconcerned, but it was all self-deception.

To give this dream, I can only match a drunken dream.

I suddenly want to drink, drink the drunken dream, and hold it with a glass of glass. Even if the time is like quicksand, it will be a joke in the end, but the fireworks will always be in the heart.

It’s just a joke to be drunk, but don’t try to forget it, because the more you want to forget, the more you will remember.

I want to hold the glass of wine and live this world.

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