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Walk with your heart

I want to fly, I want to fly away from this cage, far away.

Suddenly, I want to pick up my backpack, bring a tent, ride a mountain bike, and travel along the 318 National Road.

Listening to my brother, this is a road across China. It is the most road through the scenic area. Walking through this road, 318, definitely worth it.

I want to have such a trip to go, but it doesn’t seem to work now, because I am still in the space with four big windows on this side. I want to follow the thoughts of my heart and pursue what I think.

Suddenly, I wanted to fold a test paper and a homework into a paper plane and fly down from the window to install melancholy. But I can’t, because I still need homework to expand my brain, and I can’t throw it away.

Suddenly, I want to cross the wall in the middle of the night, escape from this small world, go to an internet cafe, and play a copy of http://Www.x.coM/. However, many years of education is doomed to go over the prohibition. I can only look up from below.

Suddenly, I wanted to run hard on the playground. After running exhausted, I fell to the ground and looked up at the sky. But the unsteady mind makes me only run a few steps and I don’t want to run anymore.

Suddenly, I want to study a subject well, but I am attracted to the magazine when I pick up the book for less than three minutes.


The thoughts in my heart are like a thousand horses running wild, and there are always so many thoughts. I want to think like this and think like that, but the imagination is very beautiful and the reality is very skinny. Even if the idea is tens of millions, I can only sit quietly in the classroom, looking up at the sky outside the window at 45°.

I am destined to not go with my heart, and perhaps in the future, to achieve some of my “sudden thoughts” with my heart.

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