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happy teacher’s Day

When I met Teacher Du, I was only in fourth grade. At that time, Teacher Du was no stranger to us, because Teacher Du was our eleventh vice president.

The second semester of the new semester is a language class. Everyone is guessing which one is our language teacher. Some guess it is a beautiful teacher, some guess the teacher before, and some guess it is a serious male teacher. Wait. At this time, I don’t know who shouted: “The teacher is here!” The students thought that the Chinese teacher had come, and they stopped talking and sat down. As expected, the door was pushed open, and Teacher Du came in. At this time, everyone began to whisper again. One of the students around me said quietly: “It’s the headmaster, we are miserable.” I did not expect to be President Du. At this time, the squad leader stood up and said, “Everyone is quiet.” At this time, Teacher Du said to us with a harmonious voice: “Classmates, I am your language teacher. My name is Du, and I am called Teacher Du.” Write a “du” on the blackboard. “I think everyone knows that I am the eleventh vice president, and we will study together later.”

After starting the class, Teacher Du first asked us to read the text again, and then let the students start to talk about the meaning of the text. Finally, we will analyze the text. Let us first understand the general meaning of the text and then explain it in sections. A text is finished like this.

In the days to come, we gradually discovered that Teacher Du did not have the rigor of our imagination. The text was very vivid. Although I always arranged some extracurricular homework, let us write numb hands, but it also allowed us to accumulate more. Good words. At the end of the last semester, I participated in a documentary contest for Hainan primary and secondary school students. When I was indefinite, how to write a manuscript, I thought of the way that Du’s writing to us and the words accumulated in peacetime, and my mind immediately rushed. I made a lot of good words and sentences, prompting me to complete the first draft of the essay and hand it to Teacher Du. Du took the time to explain the inadequacies and helped me to make changes. After submitting the manuscript, I never reported any prizes. Just think of the teacher’s emphasis on participation. I did not expect to receive a phone call during the summer vacation saying that I had the third prize for the essay.

The new semester is here. I originally wanted to express my gratitude to Teacher Du, but I heard that Teacher Du has already gone to the head office. When the Teacher’s Day is approaching, I want to faithfully say to Teacher Du: “Mr. Du, you are working hard. I wish you a happy Teacher’s Day!”

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