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Zhou Jiyi

Yesterday was a bad day. When it comes to this, you will definitely ask: How was it bad yesterday? This is it! Just talk from there.

When I was in the expansion class on Friday, I found out that Chen Yuanyi’s art tools were not taken, and she only had a cross stitch in her hand. I told her: “Chen Yuan Yu Yi is on the art that is taught by Teacher Zhang on the fourth floor today, not a cross stitch.” “What should I do? I don’t have a painting tool.” “It doesn’t matter, I borrow you.” After that, I ran to the fourth floor.

When I arrived, I saw a girl running over. She said, “I want to train on a clarinet today.” “Ah! Still training?” “Yes.” I returned to my class with doubts and said this with Ma Shiyu and Zhao Xiang. Ma Shiyu said: “I don’t need training today.” “Yes, think about it, too.” The squad leader Zhao Xiang also said.

I rushed to the fourth floor art classroom to see if Chen Yuanyu was there. Walk into it and see that there is only a fourth grade. I think Chen Yuanyu will definitely find that the composition http://Www.zUoWEn8.coM/ is not right, just ran to the music classroom! I went back to the classroom and said to Zhao: “Chen Yuanyu is not in the art classroom.” “It is possible that she is still on her way.” Zhao Xiang said.

With the last bit of strength, I ran to the music classroom and wanted to find out. Walking into the music classroom, I did see a lot of people sitting inside, holding clarinet in their hands, a schoolbag next to them, and two people doing homework there. I ran back to the classroom with panting, and said to Ma Shiyu: “Li…face…someone!” “Wh…” I didn’t wait for her to finish, I went upstairs.

I ran into the music classroom and I sat next to a girl. I asked her: “What the hell is doing here?” The girl said with a smile: “Oh, this is a movie class, and you can do homework!” “Oh, no! It hurts me to run away in vain.” How many times.” They didn’t train!

Back to the class, Zhao thought hard to hit it when he saw it. He kept saying: “Why don’t you tell me that people in the music classroom can write homework early? Why?” Chen Yuanyiyi also came over. And, ask: “What is it?” People in their music classroom can write homework! Zhao thought angrily. Chen Yuanyi listened and listened to me.

“Rao me! Ah——-” This story ends in my scream.

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