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a fulfilling day

Autumn is coming, autumn is coming! Autumn is a season of harvest. Autumn style, autumn high, fresh fruit fragrance, rich grain, fruitful words, most suitable for depicting autumn. In this harvest season, what fun is it that the school organized us to come to Pingshan’s “Biling Modern Science and Technology Park”? Please wait and see!

Today, I came to the classroom early. The classmates in the classroom were noisy and noisy, and the noisy ones turned upside down, and they became a pot of porridge. Some are discussing what snacks I brought with them; some are discussing men and women as guides; others are playing mobile phones, and what games are fun. It may be too exciting, because I am also very happy. After 10 minutes, the tour guide came. We were quiet at once, listening to the tour guide’s speech, the tour guide told us something important, we just lined up and took the car!

At the destination, our left hand is Professor Yuan Longping’s super hybrid rice and dragon fruit orchard. I also know that there are three kinds of dragon fruit, one is red skin red meat; the other is red skin white meat; the other is red skin yellow meat, right hand It is an organic vegetable garden and an organic fruit garden. Organic means that green is non-polluting and refers to a compound containing carbon atoms. Apply green manure (feces, etc.), no pesticides, take biological control green vegetables are healthier!

We then came to the Science Square. I saw eight things: laser, music, and induction drums… I also understood: people are conductors, and they will get an electric shock. I also saw the projected stream and fish, using the composition http://Www.zUoWEn8.coM/photographer, the tour guide also told us that “empty water drift” is also played. I also took a mirror and changed a lot of me. Sun Wukong also changed into a Monkey King. Is it amazing?

We then went to the bonsai garden. First of all, we played the rotating swing, and the swing that turned up was exciting and fun. Then, we played the cable car hanging in the air, wow – scared me, I thought I was going to fall! Finally, I went to catch the mud, oh yeah – let it escape, and finally caught one, I am so happy!

We finally came to the Jane Melon Orchard. I saw five cultivations such as soilless cultivation, three-dimensional cultivation, and water pipe cultivation. The benefits of these five cultivations are: space saving and environmental protection! Also see a cactus about 30 cm; cactus has red flowers and yellow flowers; cactus has not only flowers but also fruits, red fruits, like a ruby, like a clown’s red nose, a The cute one! However, it is a pity. There is a big pumpkin with a few hundred pounds, we can’t see it, because it is now changing season, it has been removed, it is a pity!

This time, I learned the power of science, and I also realized that “who knows the Chinese food, the grains are hard.” Because we grow vegetables, it is very hard. So we must cherish the food. We must study hard and continue to develop science and technology for China every day. Also know more scientific knowledge! Therefore, I learned very much about this tour, and I also had a lot of fun. It’s really a two-shot!

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