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Melissa Joan Hart shares ‘favorite moment’ from family’s mission trip to Africa with World Vision

Melissa Joan Hart has played several roles on television, from Clarissa to Sabrina to Mel, but her favorite is being a faith-filled mother to three boys.

Hart and her husband, Mark Wilkerson, recently went on a mission trip with the nonprofit World Vision to Zambia, where they sponsor three sisters who are roughly the same age as their kids: 13, 11 and 6.

The Connecticut couple’s eldest son, Mason, came along too.
“We brought them toys and necessities, socks and food,” the “God’s Not Dead 2” actress shared with ET, explaining they also provided goats for farming and footballs for fun.

But the memory that she cherishes the most was what happened after dancing.

“My absolute favorite moment in Zambia this month was our first prayer with the families in Moyo AP,” she wrote on Instagram. “Sitting on a hillside with our new friends…listening to the Tonga translation of the words the family prayed over everyone there.”

She said every interaction started with dancing and led to prayer.

“The prayers consisted mainly of ‘thank you God for bringing our visitors from so far away just to see us and know us. And bless our time together. And bless @worldvisionusa for the work they do in our village,'” Hart added.

“We would usually end the visit with a prayer Mark or I would say blessing the people with health, crops of plenty and strong livestock. It was a magical time all around. And the dancing to the drums was incredible everywhere we went.
The Christian actress told ET anyone “can sponsor a child…in our world, it’s not that much to make a huge difference in their lives.”

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