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2019 spring summer ten popular elements to look at first, to be fashionable

new Year

New clothes are essential

Spring and summer fashion trends of 2019 have long been known

Leading the fashion trend*

Simple stripes

The classic stripe elements go deep into every girl’s closet. Simple stripes can be adapted to the trends of each season. The width and thickness are very stylish and the mix is ​​always fresh. The fun-filled patterns enrich the sense of style, avant-garde and modern.

– Street beat demonstration –
Sexy perspective

Nothing is more perfect than perspective to show the beauty of women’s skin, between reality and falsehood. Adding perspective elements to styles greatly enhances femininity. The thin, translucent material highlights the beauty of women. In recent years, perspective elements have swept through, and large-scale delicate lace embroidery and stitching have taken over fashion.
Vintage wall flower

The wall flower is different from the flower flower, and the wall flower element refers to the flower pattern: cinnamon. This is a very elegant, fragrant flower, colorful, yellow, orange and brown. Whether it’s a low-key vintage brown color or a bright, high-purity color print, the designer has an eye-catching style that interprets *fashion.
One seat white

White, giving a simple atmosphere, pure and clean feeling. In the mix with a variety of items, they are hand-in-hand, usually with colorful dresses and cool denim clothing to help. One of the spring and summer trends this year is the white shirt, which is difficult to express layered white, and needs careful consideration of details. Now is the time to test everyone’s skills, my sister quietly told you that you can use different materials to create a layered look.
Handsome tool

In the spring and summer fashion trends of 2019, the unique OL wind of khaki is especially suitable for professional women. The slim high-waist design, combined with the wide pants of the overalls, perfectly creates the perfect proportion and makes you satisfied with the refreshing professional image!
Leather and resin

Leather and resin have been used in the past few quarters. They are also spring and summer in 2019. Many brands use these two materials to create vintage and rock styles. This year’s leather and resin trends, the color will not change, still dominated by black.
Chic beauty sleeve

In the spring and summer of 2019, there was a fashionable “sleeve” blowing, and the major brands competed on the sleeves and made a fuss. Bat sleeves, ruffled sleeves, puff sleeves and even sleeves, a pair of sleeves can perfectly show different self. Want to participate in the competition in 2019, beauty sleeves must be your must-have shirt!

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